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TOSCA Structure is the market leading technology for structural optimization based on industry standard FEA packages (ABAQUS, ANSYS, MSC NASTRAN, NX NASTRAN). It allows for rapid and reliable design of lightweight, rigid and durable components and systems. Using topology optimization with TOSCA Structure.topology you obtain optimal design proposals already during design concept. Specific detail improvements through shape and bead optimization respectively (with TOSCA Structure.shape and TOSCA Structure.bead respectively) make your designs ready for production.

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RecurDyn/Professional consists of three modules as the prior basic platform:
Modeler, Solver, ProcessNet

RecurDyn/Professional can test various conditions which are difficult to repeat. Also, it can find problems by thetheoretical background to the defect of product and cansolve it.

RecurDyn/Modeler is a pre-processor to create an analysis model. The user can easily use it because of developing by the familiar user interface (UI) for the Windows user. Also, the user can begin to create a model using RecurDyn/Modeler by basic elements such as bodies, joints, forces, and contacts. If the user has the existed CAD file, the user can import files such as the Parasolid format, the STEP format, the IGES format, the ACIS format, and the CATIA format. Also, the extension of CAD interface is excellent because of using Parasolid Kernel.

Creating equipment models, Defining equipment elements, showing the animation of calculation result or Marking the plot of calculation result.

Interface with general CAD softwares

- Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b, .xmt_txt, .xmt_bin)
- STEP (.step, .stp) (Paid option)
- ACIS (.sat) (Paid option)
- IGES (.igs) (Paid option)

RecurDyn Solver
RecurDyn/Solver performs the more fast analysis by the optimized integrator after constructing the equation of motion to perform the analysis of multi flexible body dynamics which is to mix multi bodies with flexible bodies. Also, RecurDyn performs many more analyses in the short time because the solution of RecurDyn is faster than another MBD solution. And it provides
the solver which can solve flexible bodies and can perform the control of system and the optimization of system. So, the user can concentrate not only performing the analysis of system but also designing to improve the product performance.
Therefore, the user can improve the productivity because of concentrating to develop products. RecurDyn/solver is more efficient to the problems of complex contact and the problems of fast velocity because of not only more fast but also more stable.

- Pre Analysis
- Static Analysis
- Dynamic Analysis
- Using the recursive formula by the relative coordinate
- DASSL / Implicit G-Alpha /Track G-Alpha integrators

RecurDyn ProcessNet
RecurDyn/ProcessNet is a macro function of RecurDyn. Although the general macro
concept is the automation of repeated works, RecurDyn/ProcessNet is similar to
API (Application Programming Interface) because of automatically creating the
desired functions and models in RecurDyn and providing the function which is
connected with different programs such as Excel, etc. Also, although the user
should learn each language grammar in the macro of different programs, the user
who is familiar to C, C++, C#, Visual Basic Application (VBA) can directly use
it in the work because RecurDyn/ProcessNet is used in the Visual Studio
environment and the language grammar of VB.Net. Functions of RecurDyn/ProcessNet
are applied in the pre-processor and the post-processor and the user can
automatize models from the automation of creation to the writing the analysis
report with the user's purpose by it.


FEMFAT (Finite Element Method Fatigue) is the number one engineering software tool for fatigue life prediction.

FEMFAT is a tool designed to identify critical locations and supports the light weight optimization process at an early development stage, way before time- and cost-consuming tests will be performed. This results in high confident level to release prototypes, therefore less development loops and costly hardware tests.

Continuously developed over the last 20 years, FEMFAT provides reliable results to release virtual prototypes in an early development stage. FEMFAT is widely used in the automotive and non-automotive industry and trusted to be the number one tool for CAE.

The binding link between test track, laboratory and CAE is FEMFAT LAB. It supports development engineers with respect to load data management, including analysis, data processing and generation of load spectra. FEMFAT LAB is a powerful software solution to visualize analyze and process large amounts of load data. FEMFAT LAB analyzes time histories of millions of data points and hundreds of channels within seconds.

Anomalies such as drift, mean shift and spikes can be removed either automatically or manually. Time can be saved using the FEMFAT LAB project functionality, because the same operations can be carried out automatically for several files without any user input

The fatigue software package FEMFAT consists of many modules - each for particular use and more powerful if combined.

FEMFAT basic
FE-based software for predicting the fatigue life/damage and endurance safety factors of components. Includes comprehensive FE-interfaces and material database.

FEMFAT plast
A software module to consider the effects of mean stress rearrangement when local plastic deformation occurs.


A software module for fatigue analysis of MultiAXially loaded components using time histories of loads or series of stress states

A software module for fatigue analysis of welding seams for steel and aluminum using notch stress method and standards (DIN 15018, EUROCODE 3 and 9, BS 7608, IIW).

A software module for predicting fatigue of spot-joints (welds, rivets) in FE-shell structures.

FEMFAT break
A software module for assessing static safety factors.

A software module for the low cycle fatigue analysis of components which are exposed to thermo mechanical loads (e.g. cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds).

FEMFAT strain
A software module for assessing damage from measured strains and comparing stresses from FEA and testing.

FEMFAT visualizer
A fast, 3D postprocessor to display the FE-model, fatigue results and imported stresses including a feature to generate animations.

FEMFAT spectral
A software module to use Power Spectral Densities (PSD) for fatigue analysis in frequency domain for both Basic and Max analysis.

FEMFAT datacrypt
Fatigue results are only as good as the material data which have been used for the analysis. Datacrypt helps to protect your data while outsourcing projects.

FEMFAT parallel
Take the advantage to use more than only one CPU of your multicore workstation to speed up your analysis.